A first of its kind in Upstate New York


The Hispanic Heritage Council is a leading organization that enriches the lives of Hispanics and the region by inspiring a personal and emotional connection to our past, present and future through history, the arts, and culture.


To welcome and convene the Hispanic/Latino community, our neighbors and friends to learn, celebrate and promote our Hispanic heritage.

We will inspire our community through engagement in history, the arts, science, literature, technology and other areas of enrichment that mark our past accomplishments and provide a pathway to success now and in the future.


  1. Preserve the history of Hispanics in Western New York for future generations.
  2. Promote peace, respect, and appreciation within the Hispanic Community.
  3. Promote peace, respect, and appreciation of Hispanic culture in the larger WNY community.
  4. Educate ourselves and others in order to accomplish these goals.

Let's move our community forward!